Founded in February 2012, Production Vinland (PV) is the elite in accurately reproducing time period eras. Following various international travels and experiences in the world of historical reenactment since 2011, we at VP create historical workshops, period encampments, live combat and other varied services from the Gladiator and Viking era, up to the 2nd World War. We are the North American forerunners of such niche services, which are already extremely popular and in demand in Europe.


Vinland was the very first name given to what we now call North America, by Icelandic explorer Leif Eriksson in the year 1006. The moniker of Vinland had made its way from Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada), all the way to Boston (U.S.A.)

Vinland Productions strives to bring you historically accurate recreations in the history of North America; our first sea faring ancestors and the decisive military events that have made Vinland the land it is today, Canada and the U.S.A.


Production Vinland is a company specializing in military and civilian reenactment from ancient times, up to the 2nd World War. We offer an educational service in a live and interactive setting that is unique to only our crew. Possessing a team of experienced actors, and a genuine passion for history in all of its forms (such as academics, sea and land traveling, traditional artisans and crafts, and historical European combat systems and martial arts), VP wants to revolutionize the teaching of history and propel such teachings to a level never seen before in traditional institutions.

Our mission is to provide schools, museums, exhibitions, films and general history buffs a thorough recreation that is as faithful as possible, and entertaining as possible, through our various live shows and specific era reenactments.