“Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant”... “Hail Caesar, those about to die, salute you”...

Welcome to the year 40 A.D. The Ludus, the Roman school of combat, presents to you the mighty Munus, better known as the Gladiator. You will see the saga of five Gladiators struggling for survival unfold right before your eyes! The Mirmillon, Thrace, The Retiarius, The Provocator and The Secutor, all led by the Laniste, the presenter of combat (or owner of the fighting troop). Depending on how bravely the combatants fought, these battles always end with the opinion of the Laniste. He will give the sign of Mitte, meaning Life, or Jugula, meaning death to the defeated, yet still breathing combatant.


The praetorian cohort of Emperor Caligula is the Elite of the Roman Empire guard. A group of warriors that exemplify the definition of a first class army, with total dedication and unflinching loyalty to Rome and Caesar! Through the unique and interactive methods of Vinland Productions, you will witness life as a Legionnaire did; to battle against the vile barbarians from the north, as well as endure the rigorous military training they took part in. From hand to hand combat to full on battle formations, such as the impressive Testudo formation (also known the Tortoise, or Roman shield fortress), relive epic tales of the fierce and unstoppable Gladiator.


TROUPE Vinland

Is it possible to recreate a mighty and diverse Viking crew coming from all four corners of Europe? This is one of the missions of our crew! Created in 2009 out of knowledge and extreme passion of the old ways, our troop of time specific Viking reenactors aim to revive the turbulent times of the 8th to 12th century AD. At that time, Scandinavians, Icelanders, Normans, Germans and Slavs would travel by land and sea, to meet in various market towns such as Hedeby, Birka or Wolin, with the intentions to settle, to trade, or to partake in bloody battles. Our troop offers several in depth and interactive workshops in a live setting, on various aspects of the Viking social life, such as the trade, blacksmithing, the working and tanning of leather for goods and armor, jewelery crafting, weaving textile cards and natural dyes, original cooking and food preparation, Norse mythology, marine art, the psychology and moral code of the Vikings, army and warrior life, and so much more!


As part of the international army of Jomsborg, headquartered on the island of Wolin in Poland, Vinland Elag is the combative branch of Viking troops. Following the careful selection and induction of Berg, the Styrsman (or military leader), Vinland Elag was officially established in 2012 with the blessing of Igor D. Gorewicz, Commander of the Eastern Division of Jomsborg. Welcoming in it thirty warriors, the battle Elag offers live shows as well as world class Viking combat, from axe and shield, to sword and lance. Intense training, dedicated passion and careful attention to detail has forged Vinland Elag into the premier Viking reenacting crew of North America.

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Jerusalem. The infamous holy land, still coveted by followers of many faiths today. Spread over 200 years, six European Crusades were undertaken to dislodge infidels and heretics of this mythical city. Led by such men as Richard the Lionheart, these holy knights of Christ embodied the will and the might of God. Adorned in chain mail armor and white tunics bearing the holy red cross, these knights were the symbol of Christianity of the West over the Eastern lands. The Order of the Temple, also known as the Knights Templar, had one main goal at hand: accompany and protect the Christian pilgrims in their march towards Jerusalem. Upon years of doing so, they forged a reputation of being great warriors, and created a vast network of command posts. However, despite swearing a vow of poverty and devotion to God, glory and fame took its toll, and wealth and lust became the undoing of this holy order. See their ferocity in the victory against the armies of Saladin, and understand their legendary downfall, right before your eyes!



The first of September, 1939. A date that marks a major turning point in history. The world is at war for a second time in less than 50 years. From the coasts of England to the great and vast lands of Russia, the axis and allies fight tooth and nail, gaining lands and victories inch by inch, for the total control of Europe and beyond. Mobilizing more than 100 million fighters from 61 nations, spreading death and destruction on some 22 millions of kilometers, and taking countless lives in the process, this war was by far the most extreme. Discover the different factions and armies through our costumes and accessories, from the British Armed Forces to the German Wehrmacht, from the English MKIII Infantry Valentine tank to the German Panzerkampfwagen I. We are ready to recreate this tumultuous time when two supreme ideologies clashed for global domination, and the fate of the world.