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One of Production Vinland main missions is to support the teaching of history in schools, from an elementary level and beyond. Through our expertise, spanning eras from the late Iron Age to World War II, we promise a unique and interactive experience that meets and/or exceeds the educational objectives set by Quebec's education ministry (MEQ). In addition to our services being varied and flexible, we can accommodate and customize our offerings to you and your unique needs.

We are able to offer :

Educational classroom workshops

An in depth visual demonstration of civil and military life from the great past civilizations that have changed history, and have influenced today's society. These workshops will be orchestrated by our qualified team members, who personify key roles in the demonstration, dressed in clothes and accessories replicated from actual archeological finds, subsequent to the eras they represent.

Historical settlements (outdoors/indoors)

We recreate actual live encampments, or micro cities, from specific eras in time, from the late Iron Age to World War II. In order to illustrate the differences, these camps are divided into stations that recreate and explain life back in these times, performed by our passionate and vibrant staff. Crafts and hobbies, social and political structure, religion and mythology, and military arts are the four major themes of our camps.

We create an all ages interactive setting that is best described as “live history”, where you can touch and feel the old ways in a manner far beyond books and multimedia can offer.


Armed with experience gathered from various medieval festivals spanning over a decade, it is with great pleasure we offer our passionate and unique services as exhibitions to museums. There are several historians that make up our staff, in which an authentic and accurate representation of the eras we offer is guaranteed to meet museum standards. From period clothing, tools and artifacts, to religious beliefs and military systems, Production Vinland is the only name in Live History.


In collaboration with a network of contacts recognized in the world of historical reenactment, Production Vinland is able to create and import unique exhibits on the eras we recreate. To assist us in this, we have a university level team of historians and archaeologists dedicated to research and the sharing their knowledge. Moreover, thanks to our European contacts, we can import exhibits which were created in collaboration with the European Union, including private artifacts as well. Unique exhibitions that stand out far beyond the pages they are written about in!

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After several years of dealing with museums and private collectors, we at Production Vinland have amassed and built an impressive amount of diverse historical artifacts. We now offer a rental service of these unique and rare accessories, especially when authenticity is a key element. From the late iron Age to the Second World War, we can provide this key element missing for your projects.


Spending several hours a week over many years training with everything from our bare hands, to spears, axes and swords, the staff at Production Vinland are experts in the Art of War. From unarmed combat to archery, our warriors are able to take part in live action scenes in a safe and professional manner. Our team consists of more than forty experienced actors and fighters, all trained to listen and obey military commands. We are your best allies on a battlefield, ensuring concise and choreographed combat scenes filmed or performed quickly and flawlessly.


After one hundred and more live combat shows, Production Vinland were approached by several short film projects to collaborate on their fight scenes. Our realistic warfare, performed by trained and talented combat experts, is as safe as it is intense and exciting. We also offer weekly training for anyone who hears the call of the warrior, and wishes to become skilled and confident with any weapon.


The team behind Production Vinland is composed of several academics and experienced actors and athletes who study specific periods in time. It is possible for us to review, monitor and improve some small to mid-size film productions, with regards to historical authenticity. Sensitive to the economic and budgetary challenges, we are able to work with your staff as consultants, while respecting the boundaries of your project.

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Whether for a birthday, a sporting event, or a private/corporate party, Production Vinland are able to meet your needs. Our services offered are quite varied, from the aforementioned combat, as well as fire-breathing and jousting! We can organize many different styles of events, we are up to the challenge.


Production Vinland believes in strong family values. As a result, we fit in very well in helping you organize a family party, a block party or a theme day at your work or organization. We offer activities for the whole family: archery, axe throwing, in depth and educational workshops on various aspects of the Middle Ages, photography, textile development, and of course interactive demonstrations of armor and weapons. Moreover, our staff is well trained enough to host live “battles”, in which children and adults of any age can immerse themselves and fully participate in!


Fort Chambly, the Plains of Abraham, Madeleine de Vercheres; all local and historic sites where decisive battles took place, and history was altered. Revive the interest of tourists and local peoples alike through our unique live reconstructive shows and breathe new life into these legendary places! In such events, our actors, extras, and characters will faithfully recreate what happened there. They come together to rebuild these times of war, all accompanied by local artisans, kiosks, food and drink, as well as bleachers to sit and enjoy the show from! Pyrotechnics, action, education and knowledge are in the spotlight here, all done in a safe and secure manner.


Whether promoting an exhibition, a website, a product, or of course entertainment on the small and big screen, Production Vinland has the resources to grant a new dimension to your project. Through our vibrant staff and historically accurate garments and equipment, we will add a touch of archaic uniqueness to your vision, rendering your project different from the masses.

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Vinland Elag is the title of our Viking troop, encompassing all its warriors, artists and artisans. As part of the international army of Jomsborg, located on the island of Wolin in Poland, Vinland Elag represents the Canadian branch of Jomsborg. The Elag (Elag meaning division) was officially established in 2012 with the blessing of Igor D. Gorewicz, commander of the Eastern Division in Poland. Welcoming in it thirty warriors, the battle Elag offers live shows as well as premier medieval age combat, complete with with steel weapons, duals, line combat, and the recreation of time period warfare. Our warriors stand proud and bold, demonstrating the techniques of the ancient ones in an epic, yet safe manner.


Sword fighting, despite its spectacular Hollywood nature, remains an Occidental martial art that demands to be taken seriously, alongside fencing, kendo and other arts that involve weaponry. Production Vinland have carved out a name for themselves among the ranks of professional athletes in the field of weapon based combat systems. Since 2012, we have been approached by various combat based organizations for guidance and demonstration, in addition to being the guests of honor at the 1st annual Martial Arts Festival in Montreal 2014. The future is very promising, with a new clothing line coming up as well, designed specifically for Western warriors of all styles!